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🚀 Introducing Stack Builder (beta)

We are happy to introduce Stack Builder (beta) – a tool to Seamless Cloud Deployments! 🌐✨

Stack Builder was developed in response to multiple customer requests, and our aim was to keep it as simple as possible. While it is currently in beta, you can still enjoy its features.

🌟 Why Stack Builder:

  1. Cloud Freedom: Explore the clouds like never before! Whether it's Digital Ocean, Hetzner Cloud, Linode, or beyond – Stack Builder empowers you to experiment and find the perfect cloud match for your projects.
  2. DevOps Simplicity: DevOps can be as easy as 1-2-3! With our user-friendly interface and step-by-step guides, even beginners can become cloud maestros in no time.
  3. Time Savings for Developers: The tool is perfect for developers who want to showcase their applications in the cloud, especially when considering the time spent.

✨ What you can do with Stack Builder:

With Stack Builder, you can:

  • combine various solutions available as Docker images, including those from Docker Hub.
  • integrate your own application or set of applications into a solution that results in a single Docker Compose file.
  • This comes with the ability to select the cloud and instantly deploy the solution, complete with automatic infrastructure setup, VPS server, networks, firewalls.

🌟 What DevOps Heroes Say:

"Great tool if you understand the concept of docker compose"

"I was drowning in cloud complexity until I found TryDirect. Now, deploying applications feels like a walk in the cloud!"

"I was using OroCommerce on Google Cloud but then I wanted to try some other clouds, TryDirect helped me to setup oro on Hetzner Cloud and did that easy"

👉 Try it today, its FREE !

Cloudily Yours, TryDirect Team