What is TryDirect ?

TryDirect is a software deployment platform designed to facilitate the deployment process of web applications for IT individuals, developers, devops engineers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's). We deploy to all major cloud platforms like Alibaba Cloud, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Hetzner Cloud, Linode and many more.

Our mission is to provide quality deployment and maintenance for a full spectrum of server applications, development stacks and infrastructure applications. We use open-source software like Docker, Compose, Terraform, Ansible, Ansible Molecule to develop application stacks which enable businesses to begin their online activity as quick as it possible.

We also offer development and adjustment of new web application stacks according to our customers needs. If you have a great digital product and want to distribute it easily to different clouds your are at the right place. We also help development teams with CI/CD setup

TryDirect will automatically create a server or more servers in your favorite cloud when you choose a web application stack to deploy. We deploy to your cloud servers, dedicated servers or VPS at any supported provider.

TryDirect does not provide hardware or servers yet.

TryDirect is using Docker technologies for deployments and migrations.

  • Our main mission is to provide qualitative deployment and maintenance of a full spectrum of server applications.
  • We configure and deploy stacks of applications which help businesses to start their online activity using open source software.
  • We offer complete customization of stacks according to each customer's needs.

Why TryDirect ?

The difference between our service and competitors is that we offer 'ready to go' builds to our users. Stack configuration files are developed by a team of experienced professionals. Our service is integrated with a variety of large and medium providers of cloud services.

  • We allow customers to try a ready-made solution that has been already used and tested by similar companies.
  • Our focus is on helping beginners rather than on professional developers.
  • We are working to automate deployment and aim to provide the tools for developers to modify configurations directly on the server.

Give it a try !