How TryDirect Works

TryDirect has developed a simple method to integrate and deploy a range of open source applications (e.g. Wordpress, MySQL, Odoo...) on a cloud platform of your choosing, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or your own bare bones server. Here is how our service works:

Step 1 - Finding The Stack

Visit TryDirect and check out our comprehensive list of readily available stacks such as Odoo, Magento, Mautic and more. Find and select the stack that best suits your business.

image: TryDirect applications list

Step 2 - Hosting

In order to deploy the selected application stack, you need to have a server. You don’t have to create it manually, just link your cloud account (Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean or one from the list below) or use personal access token provided by your hosting. TryDirect is also able to select the appropriate server for you.

image: Here you can choose desired cloud provider

Step 3 - Configuring Your Server

Once you’ve selected a hosting provider, you will be asked to add additional information in order to configure your server.

image: Configure domain, package and cloud connection

image: Network, hardware and software configuration

  1. Fill in domain name
  2. Select region
  3. Select server instance
  4. Choose OS

TryDirect decides the minimum requirements for your deployment and provides available server to the user. Whether you have a low-traffic sites or high one, TryDirect will automatically select the appropriate VPS server accordingly.

Step 4 - Obtaining Your Personal Key

After configuring your server and adding information about the domain, you will be asked to include a personal key (Access Key ID). You can find more information about obtaining your Access Key ID from your chosen hosting service provider.

image: Cloud provider connection

If you have an existing Google Cloud, Digital Ocean or Linode account, you can sign in directly to TryDirect from your Cloud account. However before you can proceed, you will be asked to grant access to TryDirect to manage your Cloud Account.

Step 5 - Deploy

Once you enter your key, the ”Deploy” button will be enabled. By clicking it, the deployment process of your selected stack will start.

You can also monitor the progress of the deployment process in real time from your dashboard control panel.

image: Deployments dashboard

Once the deployment is completed, you will receive an email notification with further instructions. You can also view deployment results in your dashboard by clicking on the “Info” icon.