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Nginx Proxy Manager is now available for install

We are happy to announce that Nginx Proxy Manager, is now available as a companion app to almost any stack on our platform!

Nginx Proxy Manager – your ultimate solution, ready for installation from our platform!

🔐 Why Opt for Nginx Proxy Manager: Bid farewell to the intricacies of traffic routing.

Nginx Proxy Manager effortlessly directs traffic to your websites, whether they're hosted at home or elsewhere. What's more, it comes with complimentary SSL capabilities, eliminating the necessity for Nginx or Letsencrypt expertise. Simplify SSL generation and seamlessly proxy your Docker containers with unparalleled ease.

👨‍💻 Navigating Nginx Proxy Manager: Nginx Proxy Manager stands out as a highly recommended companion app for efficient web app management. Designed to handle numerous web applications at the backend, it's your secret recipe for streamlined operations. For added convenience, we also recommend integrating Portainer CE.

Don't forget, configuring the proxy host in Nginx Proxy Manager post-deployment is your gateway to seamless web traffic management.

Elevate your web traffic strategy with Nginx Proxy Manager – now at your fingertips!