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OpenResty is ready for deployment

🚀 Greetings, our vibrant community!

Exciting tidings await as we unveil remarkable news! We're thrilled to announce the availability of OpenResty, the dynamic web platform integrating Nginx and LuaJIT, for seamless deployment on your preferred cloud infrastructure, courtesy of TryDirect.

Are you a developer or a pioneering startup in pursuit of a rapid, adaptable, and user-friendly platform that simplifies the creation of web applications and services? Look no further, for OpenResty is your unparalleled answer.

This is your golden opportunity to propel your projects to new heights. Venture to our website to discover the wealth of captivating details on harnessing the enchantment of OpenResty. Let's embark on a shared journey of crafting web development into a truly delightful and seamless experience! 🌐🌟